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      China Agricultural Aviation IntegrationM
      Service China Agricultural UAV Production Base
      Modern agricultural intelligent equipment high-tech enterprises have developed independent knowledge through cooperation with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Helicopter Research Institute, China Agricultural University, National Agricultural Intelligent Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center, South China Agricultural University and other research institutes. Property rights.
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      Academician Workstation

      The Workstation Of Academician Song Baoan Team of China Academy of Engineering 

      President of the Alliance

      Chairman  of Chinese  Aviation Plant Protection  Technology Innovation Alliance

      Key Laboratory of Aviation Plant Protection

      We Have Key Laboratory of Aviation Plant Protection,which is launched By Ministry of Agriculture.

      President of the Ruling Branch of Plant Protection

      Chairman of Ruling Branch of Plant Protection of Chinese Agricultural Technology Extension Association

      Quanfeng Aviation-China Agricultural Aviation Integrated Service Provider

      Our Newest Ag-drone Model Free Eagle ZP, high efficiency, favorable price.
      Agricultural drone, plant protection drone, Anyang Quanfeng Aviation, China agriculture aviation plant protection,plant protection
      Our Newest Ag-drone Model Free Eagle Mini, high efficiency, favorable price.
      ? 2024 Agricultural plant protection drone integration service provider |Agriculture drone manufacturersYu.ICP.17032393 

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